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Windshield Washer Fluid

This week what I want to talk about is Rain X de-icer washer fluid. Just prior to a shoot last winter I told Pete, one of our cameramen, about this product. He saw me using it and he picked up some and has been using it since then in his own car. Like everyone else I've told about it, he's been raving about it. When you come out in the mornings and before you have any heat coming out of that defroster, if you have a little bit of frost on that windshield this washer fluid will dissolve it without adding to the problem of icing up the windshield.

A couple of other neat features of this product are that it dries complete streak free. And it treats the windscreen on the car with Rain X polymer technology that seals the micro-pours on the windshield. If you use it on a continuous basis what that does is allow slush and snow that accumulate on the windshield to release quickly. It releases quickly on the wiper blades and the wind pressure slides it right up off the windshield. In my own vehicle I realized that I still have summer washer fluid in it with no freeze protection. If you have pink colored washer fluid in your car, which denotes that it is summer washer fluid: you need to get it out in the fall and replace it with winter fluid. We are only days away from sub-zero temperatures so you need to ciphen out that summer fluid and refill it with de-icer fluid. Our cameraman was telling us that he took his car to the dealership to get it serviced and the service person, with there heart in the right place, topped up his windshield washer bottle with regular washer fluid, thereby negating the features of a premium washer fluid. To avoid a situation like that I suggest you write on the bottle "rain x de-icer please" or something that would tell them you are using a top quality windshield washer fluid.

Till next week I'm Bill Gardiner for Motoring.


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