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The Menzoid: Getting Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T on the Road

There are certain individuals out there – typically men – who crave respect on the highways and byways, and in order to achieve that respect, they buy a fancy sports car or an imported luxury sedan or even a six-figure exotic car, not realizing they’re on a fool’s erra

Bike Bell Blitz in Greektown!

Did you see hear about that incredible, whiz-bang Toronto Police Service road safety blitz last week? On Wednesday in the Danforth/Broadview neighbourhood, the cops were on the prowl looking for nefarious lawbreakers. And what would that entail? Impaired drivers? Hit-and-run motorists? Nope. We&rsqu

NBA’s Andrew Bynum for M.V.P. (Most Vile Parker)

It’s pretty scummy when an able-bodied person plunks his car in a handicapped parking spot. But such an affront is truly beyond the pale when the person carrying out the infraction happens to be an elite level athlete. Case in point:  recently, Los Angeles Lakers centre Andrew By

Jesus Chrysler! What a NASCAR prayer...

Talk about life imitating art... On Saturday at the Nashville Speedway, Pastor Joe Nelms delivered a pre-race prayer for the ages. Indeed, his sermon – which was recited just before the NASCAR Nationwide Federated Auto Parts 300 – had some observers scratching their heads, laugh

The driving strains of a marriage.

 The Menzoid once again pushes the 'boat' out there and provides us with a personal recount of what happens in a marriage when partners try to perform different roles from those they are accustomed to, within the driving scene. Some of you may or may not agree with his thoughts, but you have to

Wait till They See Me Now!

Wait'll they see me now!   'You want me to watch your car?" My old school chum, Tom, was looking at me with incredulity bordering on contempt. Can't say I blame him. Tom was standing outside Sticky Fingers pub smoking a cigarette; I had just parked a smokin' exoticar. Since Tom wasn't doin