Tire Noise

March 16, 2009

Our Tip of The Week concerns tire noise. A radically or uneven worn tire can produce an awful lot of noise. It's really annoying and can be often misconstrued as a bad wheel bearing. Replacing the wheel bearing can be a very expensive proposition on a modern car, so you don't want to incorrectly replace a bearing trying to get rid of the noise that was in fact a bad tire. This tire is so badly cupped that I can actually feel the problem. When I spin it, the inner rib is kicking my fingers all over the place.

This tire is the one with the bad cupping and that's what's producing the noise. When I move my finger to the inside of the tire it runs smoothly unlike the outer side. What you have to do to repair that is to correct the misalignment situation that caused the cupping in the first place and then rotate the tires on a regular basis. After the tire has been badly worn or unevenly cupped like this one, the tire has got to be replaced. Reset the alignment with a proper four-wheel alignment and then rotate the tires at least once a year.

That's your Tip of The Week!

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