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Am I going to regret this?

  Someone once said that there’s no such thing as a private video. For proof, you need look no further than the antics of Christian Bale, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Pamela Anderson, Colin Ferrell, etc, etc.  When you‘ve committed something to any form of electronic media, it&r

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Although I drive at least a hundred new cars a year, I also ride motorcycles. In fact, I’ve been riding since 1965, and as far as safety goes, things are worse than ever for bikers. We’re getting killed or injured in increasing numbers every year.   The circumstances run the gamut o

Hey You on the Phone!

Hey you. That’s right. You yapping on the cell phone. The guy blithely cruising along, holding up traffic and acting as if you’re the most important person in the world. A moment of your time, if you please.   I’ve been stuck behind you for awhile, and have noticed the problem

Fighting A Ticket

Most of us have had a speeding ticket at one time or another. And usually, you just accept it, pay the fine, and carry on. Getting dinged for driving too fast just comes with the territory, right?   Unless you get one that you think is undeserved, in which case you’ve got a real scrap on

Car Wars

Ted Laturnus expresses his feelings about the fate of the automobile.  Visit Ted's site @  www.driver-seat.ca

Are you driving a 'Chick Car?'

There is a saying in the car retail business that goes something like this: "You can sell a woman a man's car, but you can't sell a man a woman's car". And it's true; for a lot of male buyers, the thought of driving a "chick car" is the kiss of death. But what is a chick

Kiaville, Georgia

    I just returned from a Kia event in the Yukon and Alaska. The new 2011 Sportage. Unbelievable scenery and lots of seat time. Decent effort from Kia as well.     But while I was driving through some of the most stunning vistas in North America, I began to think, of a

Bicycle Rant

Motoring 2010 is all about automobiles—that’s understood - but there is a connection between cars and bikes. BMW, Mercedes, and Cadillac all sell—or have sold in the past—their own brand of bicycles, for example, and some manufacturers—Honda and Peugeot, for two origina