Punctured Tires

March 16, 2009

Our Tip of The Week concerns repairing punctured tires. There are number of different procedures for repairing punctured tires. Some involve a quick easy removal of the tire from the vehicle but not de-mounting the tire from the rim. In other words the plug is installed from the outside of the tire. The tire manufactures prefer that you remove the tire from the rim and inspect the inside and if it's acceptable for repair perform the repair from the inside of the tire. Here's a perfect example as to why they want you to do that. If you look at this tire you can see that it is chafed severely around the side. Where "Energy" was marked you can see that the letters are completely chewed away, almost like a cheese grater type of effect.

Some people might think that it was done by curbing the tire, but if you look on the other side you can see the same evidence. That is evidence that this tire was run flat or severely under inflated on a hot day. The tire gets a fold in it and that was what chafed the rubber away. It can do a lot of damage on the inside of the tire, but if you remove the tire and you look on the inside you will see evidence of that damage and you won't proceed with the repair, you'll replace the tire. If you ever see this chafe mark around the outside of the tire before having it repaired, insist that it come off the rim for a proper inspection of the inside of the tire before having any kind of repair.

That's your Tip of The Week.

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