Proper Tire Inflation Pressure

March 16, 2009

Our Tip of the Week concerns loss of tire inflation pressure. Even if your tires have no punctures or leakage it's still normal in the fall and winter as ambient temperature drops for your tire inflation pressure to drop accordingly.

For approximately every five degrees Celcius drop in the ambient temperature, you'll lose approximately one PSI of inflation pressure in your tires. So in any given week, for example in the fall, you could have a ten to fifteen degree Celcius temperature swing from the warmest to the coldest day. That could result in several PSI of inflation pressure loss in your tires.

Make sure that you check the tires on a regular basis, use a quality tire gauge and consult the tire pressure placard, usually found on the driver's door or doorpost, or sometimes in the glove box. Make sure you find that placard, find out the proper pressure and check it at least once a month. Try and pick a day that represents the average ambient temperature for that time of the year. Check it monthly.

That's your Tip of the Week.

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