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Motoring 2013 Car Of The Year Winners!

Motoring 2013, television's longest-running and most respected Canadian automotive program celebrating 25 years on TSN, has selected the Cadillac ATS as its Car of the Year for 2013.

"Building on the strength of the CTS, Cadillac's new ATS boasts a stunning style, a rich cabin and the right driving dynamics.  While there is a choice of engine, it is very difficult to overlook the appeal of the top-level V6.  When equipped with this engine and GM's adaptive suspension, the ATS dances its way through a corner like no Cadillac ever before."

Motoring also recognized the Cadillac ATS as its best new Prestige Car, and the Buick Enclave topped best new Full-Size CUV.

Other segment winners:

Everyday Sports Car - Ford Focus ST

Small Car - Kia Rio

Performance Car - BMW M5

Compact Domestic Family Car - Dodge Dart

Mid-Size Domestic Family Car - Ford Fusion

Compact CUV - Mazda CX-5

Import Family Car - Honda Accord

Luxury Car - BMW 3 Series

Sports Car - Porsche Boxster


Want to see how the voting went? Click here to see the poll results.

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