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Sport Utility Vehicles

As regular viewers know, I'm no fan of sport utility vehicles. They're not sporty, they're not utilitarian, they're too heavy, they use too much fuel. They're so big the rest of us can't see where we're going on the highway. They tip over too easily and the people that drive them - well, they get th

Sporty, active people driving SUV's?

I'm surrounded here by the cream of the crop of the compact sport utility segment. Now, these are vehicles aimed at people with a youthful, active lifestyle. Well, you know, I was driving through some of the most beautiful cottage country in Southern Ontario a few weeks ago, and I saw people with bi

Shut off your engines

I got on an airplane the other day and it wasn't one of these cases where you walk straight from the terminal right onto the airplane. We had to get onto shuttle buses which drove us about thirty kilometres out in the countryside before we got on the plane. There was maybe four or five of these bus

School Bus Safety

There's not a right-thinking person in this country - and this better include all of you - who would think about putting the kid in the passenger without using a seatbelt system that's appropriate for the kid's age, weight and height. And yet every morning and afternoon millions of Canadian kids get

Newfoundland Roads

We're lucky here on Motoring, we get to travel all over this great country and everywhere we go we meet hundreds of people that just love the show. You never get tired of people who love what you do. I got to say, we never get any better reception than what we do in Newfoundland, and most people are

Navigation Systems

This is the new Infiniti 350Z, and this one comes with the optional navigation system. This thing has a GPS satellite system in there so it knows exactly where you are at all times. It’s got DVD maps of the entire western hemisphere in there. All you got to do is tell it where you want to go

Mitsubishi in Montreal

A few Januarys ago at the Montreal auto show, Mitsubishi had a huge display, cars and SUVs, singing and dancing. They were going to set up shop in this country and they wanted everyone to know about it. Six weeks later at the Toronto show: not a trace, they decided to pull the plug. They didn't tell

Real Men Drive Minivans

Our cameraman was telling me today about a TV commercial he saw recently with a bunch of guys at the gym. He says they were "pumping the weights and they were riding the bikes, and the muscles are bulging, and the sweat is pouring off of them, and the girls are all looking at them going " oh, wow".

Iceland Goes Oil-Free

It kinda looks like the setting for a George Lucas movie, doesn't it? Well, it may be science, but it's not fiction and this could represent the future in more ways than one. We've already shown you how these clever Icelanders have taken their happy combination of ground water and geothermal energy


Just because I drive my lovely AMC Hornet, some people think that I'm anti-technology, that I'm a ludite. Well it's not true! I mean, I got a cell phone, I got a Sony Vio laptop computer, and I even have a digital camera. As the surfers would say: "I'm hanging ten on the edge of technology.&quo

Highway Ticketing

Have you ever stood on the side of a freeway? Man it's scary. Cars and trucks whipping by at a million miles an hour. On the right shoulder, where I am right now is as close as I want to get. Yet everyday on this highway, and this is one of the busiest roads in the entire world, a police officer sta

Our Highways Are Now The Warehouses

There's a move afoot to spend $2 billion of taxpayer's money on something called an intermodal freight transportation system for southern Ontario. The idea is that transport trailer trucks like this one will be put onto railcars at one end of the city of Toronto and shipped by rail to the other end

Four Wheel Drive

A few years ago, you could hardly find a four-wheel-drive passenger car. You had the occasional university professor in a Subaru and the occasional performance lunatic in an Audi Quattro, but today, everybody's got four wheel drive. You've got BMW and Mercedes Benz, Jaguar has one now, and today we'

Driving Near Airports

Every time I go to an airport - and for me that's about three times a week - I'm struck by the fact that about half the car traffic near an airport is there all the time. You've got your limo drivers and your taxi drivers and your shuttle bus drivers for the rental car companies and the hotels. Thes

BMW 7 Series

Well, quite obviously this is a BMW. It's got the rondelle on the front, it's got your twin kidney grill. But trust me, this is like no BMW you've ever seen. It's the new 7 series and it's got stuff inside here that's going to boggle your mind. For starters: that's the key. Notice there's nothing s

Be Nice

I saw a sign on a big transport truck the other day. It read, "Horn broken, watch for finger." And, of course, there was the old classic: "How's my driving? Call 1-800-EAT..." Well, it was a four-letter word that ended in T. It might've been dirt. Oh, well, never mind. It's bad

Backing In

Looks like a pretty good neighborhood. Parked side-by-side we have an M3 and an M5. Too bad there are no car washes in the area. This car happens to be your host Brad diamond's hotrod de jour and for the first time in his life; he's backed into his parking spot. I'm always whining to him about this.

Auto Safety Features

The area of automobile safety covers a big one: it covers a lot of ground. But the "low hanging fruit" as they say: as already been gathered. By that I mean: the easy gains have been made, all cars these days have front crumple zones, they've got airbags and seatbelts, most of them have AB

Revolutionary Audi A4 Transmission

You know, car makers are always going on about all-new this and all-new that, but it's not very often we see something that's truly revolutionary. But the new transmission in this Audi A-4, well, it doesn't just change gears, it changes the world. Now, Audi's calling this thing a "multi-tronic", whi

AJAC Test Fest

Most of you viewers must think I have the best job in the world. Well, it's pretty hard to argue when you look at the array of cars they brought out to the Shannonville Motor Sport Park just so that people like me, Graeme and some other people from Motoring can drive. Well, the purpose of