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Why do people drive blind?

It may seem like an obvious fact, but anything preventing you from seeing the road clearly is dangerous! Jim provides us with an anecdote about the Swedish rally driver, Eric 'On the Roof' Carlsson and makes it pretty obvious as to why you should always have a clear view!      

Why do some truckers use the highway as a toilet?

Turning the clock back a few years, Jim gave us some insight into the latest additions to japanese cars in order to make a driver's life less stressful and more manageable, but he also underlined a trucker habit that really isn't very hygienic at all!! Admittedly it's a rare talent to be a 'good sho

Electric Email

Here's a little fan reaction to one of Kenzie's segments (scroll down to check out the segment):   HA,  Jimmy my boy, you stirred em up at EV world....     You know, your facts may be off,  but hell I find you entertaining.  You are not a Rick Mercer but you worth