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Our tip for the week concerns tramlining. You may not have heard the term but tramlining refers to the tendency of a vehicle to want to follow longitudinal seams or ruts in the highway. On a multi-lane highway, many of the lanes are severely rutted from heavy truck tra

Under-Slung Spare Tire

Our Tip of the Week concerns under slung spare tires. If you have a pickup, van or a sport utility you probably have an under slung spare. These are good things because they save you a lot of cargo space in the vehicle by getting that seldom used tire out of the way. Once in a blue moon when you nee

Warming Up Your Vehicle

Our Tip of the Week concerns the warm-up period for your vehicle. If you've ever driven a vehicle with a coolant temp gauge, you've probably noticed it takes four to eight minutes to completely get that gauge up to operating temperature in the wintertime. How long it t

Winter Finishes

Our Tip of the Week concerns preparing your vehicle's finish for the winter. First step is to do a good hand-wash of the vehicle. When you're washing it by hand, you're going to see all the problem spots. You can see the little nicks and scratches, stone chips. There m

Winter Tires

Our Tip of The Week concerns winter tires. At best most cars comes with all-season or high performance all-season tires. The next level up in terms of winter traction is the proper winter tire. If you are thinking of purchasing winter tires, the most frequently asked question is: "do I need two

Winter Weather

Our Tip of the Week concerns paying attention to winter weather. I'm always watching the weather forecasts before I head out in the wintertime and I think you should for a number of reasons. First of all, driving conditions can change quickly. You want to be prepared for the worst and, in terms of d